The global CHIST-ERA 2017 project seminar ​took place on March 21-23, 2017 in Brussels. This yearly seminar brings together researchers involved in ongoing CHIST-ERA projects, such as Cocoon, together with representatives of the national research funding organisations. The seminar was an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas between the various projects, identify synergies, and in general to meet in person and hear of the other projects funded in the same remit.

The Cocoon team took the opportunity to demonstrate the Cocoon node that includes our software-defined IoT radio, which has been designed and built throughout the first months of the project. The demonstration of the early prototype received good feedback from representatives of the funding agencies and triggered interesting discussions with members of the other projects. A half-day Cocoon project meeting helped to discuss the overall project work and plan the experiments. The pictures were taken during the project demonstration and the workshop.

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