bt-tower-136412156592603901-161216120758We gave a keynote at the Housing Technology’s CxO-level event, ‘The Internet of Things 2017/18‘, which was held at the BT Tower in central London on Tuesday 10th October 2017—an extremely appropriate location, given that this is the World’s highest IoT base station!

The event gathered representatives of the main UK companies of the housing sector, with a view to sharing experiences of deploying IoT systems in the wild, ideas and future directions. Quite a few companies have already been experimenting with IoT devices. Unsurprisingly, this technological move leads to impressive returns on investment, by allowing companies to become proactive about their assets and optimising resources.

Our presentation aimed to give an overview of Cocoon, presenting the latest developments and reviewing some of the risks that should be considered. Most importantly, we argued that a successful and safe IoT strategy can only be based on how users interact with your system.

Take our two surveys:

  1. Users with first-hand experience of hacking:
  2. Cyber-security experts about perceived risks:

Download our presentation: Slides of the presentation (pdf)

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